Mediation Certificate

Step 1: Prepare Certificate

Use this online tool to prepare a Mediation Certificate that can be printed (or saved as a PDF). Fill out or select from the fields below, then click the ‘Next’ button to preview and print your Mediation Certificate.

Fields marked * are required. It's now 3:29 pm on 27 May, 2024.

Enter the full name of the plaintiff or defendant named this Certificate.

Select court type, action type, then enter number. Mouseover or tap here for a list of action codes

A    Civil Action
AL   Constitutional and Administrative Law Proceedings
AJ   Admiralty Action
AD   Adoption Application
B    Bankruptcy Proceedings
CL   Commercial Action
CW   Companies Winding-up Proceedings
SD   Application to set aside a Statutory Demand
BI   High Court Bankruptcy Interim Order
CT   Construction and Arbitration Proceedings
MC   Matrimonial Causes
MP   Miscellaneous Proceedings
CM   Confidential Miscellaneous Proceedings
PI   Personal Injuries Action
BD   Bookdebt Registration
BS   Bill of Sale Registration
SN   Stop Notice
CD   Application for Discharge
ZZ   Intended Action
MH   Applications under the Mental Health Ordinance

Solicitor Details:

Full solicitor details are required.

Representative Party Details:

Only required if the plaintiff / defendant is a corporation or association.

Describe under what authority does this person represent the Plaintiff / Defendant?

Customise Your Certificate:

Select "Yes" or "No" to answer Part I of the Certificate, as to whether the Plaintiff / Defendant is willing to accept mediation. If the answer is "No", you may provide reasons why the Plaintiff / Defendant is not willing to attempt mediation in the text field below. Alternatively, reasons can be prepared and attached separately.