Jacky T.K. LAI 黎子健

實踐 / 經驗區域

  • Accountancy
  • Banking
  • Building
  • Commercial
  • Company Formation
  • Computing, IT
  • Construction
  • Employment
  • Engineering
  • Environmental
  • Family and Children
  • Financial
  • Human Resources
  • Insolvency
  • Insurance
  • Intellectual Property
  • Landlord and Tenant
  • Legal - Civil Law
  • Legal - Common Law
  • Management
  • Medical Negligence
  • Partnership
  • Personal Injury
  • Professional Negligence
  • Securities
  • Shipping
  • Social Work Affairs
  • Sports
  • Tax
  • Trusts


  • Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC)
  • The Hong Kong Bar Association


  • Cantonese
  • English
  • Mandarin


  • Barrister-at-law


  • 1 - 5 years

收費 (每小時港幣)

  • HK$2500


CV of Jacky T. K. LAI
HKIAC Accredited Mediator


Counsel Chambers
4/F., Chung Nam Building, 1 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.
Tel: 2521 7317 Fax: 2845 0654
E-mail: jacky.tk.lai@gmail.com

Fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English

Mediation Experiences

as Mediator or Mediation Advocate in around 120 cases

For disputes over Lehman Brothers Basket Equity Linked Note (ELN) with alleged negligence on client risk factors, undue influence, misrepresentation, mistake, negligent misstatement and unconscionable contract, etc.

For commercial disputes between supplier and chain shop purchaser over laboratory tests, quality, delay and payment.

For disputes between buyer and manufacturer of franchised goods sold and delivered.

For contractual disputes between parties of previously trusting relationship.

For personal injuries actions concerning marine accidents, industrial accidents, traffic accidents and disputes concerned.

For disputes over redevelopment of a plot of land regarding an application under Land (Compulsory Sale for Redevelopment) Ordinance over EUV / RDV apportionment

For actions involving liquidation of listed companies, tracing of transfer of monies involving shares, loans, security documents, mortgages, guarantees and indemnity with third party liabilities amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars

For construction disputes involving building safety, alleged negligence and neighbour relationship

For construction disputes with alleged substantial delay and substandard workmanship

For intellectual property infringement disputes.

For admiralty actions.

For real property sale and purchase disputes

For building management and community disputes resolution through mediation.

For Employment disputes with unfair dismissal in issue

For Employee Compensation cases

For Matrimonial Disputes over custody, care and control, residence, visitation, education arrangement, maintenance, assets and liabilities,
joint responsibility of childcare

For disputes involving alleged legal professional negligence.

For disputes in actions commenced in High Court / District Court / Labour Tribunal

Simulated Dispute Resolution by mediation in various settings

HKIAC Users’ Council member since 2009

Member of the HKIAC General Mediation Interest Group (GIG) since 2009

Vice-Chairman of the HKIAC Family Mediation Interest Group (FMIG)  2010 - 2011

Person-in-charge, Building Management Sub-Group, HKIAC General Mediation Interest Group (GIG) 2010 - 2011

Person-in-charge, Labour and Employment Mediation Sub-Group, HKIAC General Mediation Interest Group (GIG) 2011 - 2012

Mediator for financial disputes resolution, with Certificates from Hong Kong Institute of Bankers & Hong Kong Securities Institute.

Mediator under the Land (Compulsory Sale for Redevelopment) Ordinance Pilot Mediation Scheme

Member of the HKIAC Domain Name Resolution Panel

Accredited Building Management Mediator, Lands Tribunal
Mediator for disputes referred from Joint Mediation Helpline Office Ltd (JMHO) and Bar Association
Mediated disputes with complicated issues with collateral High Court actions and multi-party mediation sessions

Teaching Positions

Lecturer for PEAK Institute, Vocational Training Council on Mediation Accreditation courses.

Lecturer on Criminal Law and Administrative Law at Open University

Lecturer on Mediation Skills Talks for Institute of Certified Management Accountants (CMA) Australia’s Hong Kong Office.

Lecturer for CPD Seminar on Mediation, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (“MNC Course”) for Institute of Certified Management Accountants (CMA) Australia.

Tutor for Mediation and Negotiation (M&N) class with course leader Mr. Michael Beckett, Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (PCLL), School of Law, City University of Hong Kong (CityU)

Lecturer for Advanced Mediation Skills course by YMCA College of Careers and Hong Kong Mediation Services Limited (HKMSL).

Speaker for Mediation Promotion Seminars by YMCA College of Careers.

Mentor for practicing and promising mediators as co-mediators of mine from various professions: lawyers, academics, company directors, designers, consultants, negotiators and teachers to share experiences in situ.

Mediation Coach on Accreditation Course for Baptist University and Conflict Resolution Centre by Dr. Helena SY Yuen, Founding Chairperson and Director, Solicitor and Mediator

Mediation Coach on Accreditation Course for Hong Kong Shue Yan University by Dr. Helena SY Yuen

Mediation Coach on Accreditation Course at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) Family Institute by Dr. Helena Yuen

Mediation Coach for Prof. Nadja Alexander’s Mediation course at City University of Hong Kong

Mediation Coach for the Institute for Conflict Engagement based at Hong Kong Shue Yan University for Director Prof. Nadja Alexander

Mediation Coach for IICER’s Mediation Accreditation Training.

Full Scholarship granted for the Certificate Curriculum in International Business Negotiation By School of Law, Hamline University and The International Institute for Conflict Engagement & Resolution (IICER).

Mediation Coach for Mooters from HKU and CityU.

Mentor for Mediators, Hong Kong Mediation Services Limited (HKMSL)

Author of Mediation Skills CPD Seminar syllabus and teaching materials for courses of IPEM (Institute of Professional and Executive Management) / CMA Australia / HKMSL

Visiting Lecturer, Centre for Professional and Business English (CPBE) of Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) – Legal Workshop: Analysis on genre and legal correspondence, mediation and ADR.

Author of Dispute Resolution by Mediation cases for teaching and examination purposes

Speaker on Settlement Agreement Drafting Skills

Assessor, Mediation and Negotiation curriculum for PCLL students, CityU

Settlement and Preparation of syllabuses of mediation courses

Public Talks on Mediation

Speaker on Practical Mediation for Civil Servants, Bank Managers, School Principals, Teachers and Students, Rotary Clubs, Police Inspectors and Officers, Lawyers, Mediators, Financial Analysts, Toastmasters and other Institutions

Mediation and ADR Seminar for Mainland Judicial Officers, Government Officials and Mediators organized by PEAK Institute, Vocational Training Council

Talks on Mediation and Negotiation to Building Management Companies like Jones Lang Lasalle, Hong Yip, Well Born and Citybase, etc.

Other Relevant Experiences

Litigation - Mediation Hearing as advocate ordered by the Hon. Justice Chu.  Mediation by agreement between disgruntled landlords and tenants. 

Negotiation - CAAC course on negotiation, City University of Hong Kong, April 2007 by Mr. Norris Yang.

ADR Courses
LLM, HKU -  auditing courses for ADR, Mediation and Arbitration curriculum taught by Professor Katherine Lynch and Mr. Philip Yang, et al; Course by Michel Kallipetis, QC and Bill Marsh on Mediation.  Accord Group Mediation courses by David Newton and Sally Browning

HKIAC Accreditation as General Mediator (2009)
HKIAC Accreditation as Family Mediator (2012)

Family Mediation Training Course (Basic and Advanced: 64 hours) by Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council (HKCMAC) in February and March 2011

Family Mediation live supervision cases as supervisee provided by Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council (HKCMAC) and Hong Kong Family Welfare Society (HKFWS) in 2011

Symposium/Seminars - Held and assisted seminars on mediation for the lecturer at CUHK, DAB Headquarter, St. Paul’s Hospital, and Labour Department to promote mediation.

Sessions of Mediation Promotion Work / Articles write-ups / Convenor of

Founding Member of Alumni Association of HKU LLM (Arbitration and Dispute Resolution)

Member of the Accord Group Alumni Organization of Mediation courses

Moderator and/or administrative officer of Seminars by HH CK Chan, HH KW Wong, HH Sharon Melloy on Joint Responsibility and Family Mediation and co-mediation; mediation from the Judge’s perspectives; presentation of cases in Hong Kong and Australian contexts

HKIAC Domian Name Resolution Dispute Seminar by Mr Edmon Chung, CEO DotAsia, Ms Pam Little, Senior Director of ICANN, the Hon. Neil Brown QC, Panelist ADNDRC et al

Moderators for Mediation Talks by HKIAC by Ms Shanna Quinn (on Family Mediation) and Dr. Helena Yuen (on Buddhist Mediation)

Hong Kong Construction Arbitration Centre (HKCAC) and Hong Kong Construction Mediation Centre (HKCMC) Specialization Series CPD Seminar on “Practical Completion” on Construction Arbitration and Mediation participant (5 May 2012)

Mediate First Conference at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre participant (11-12 May 2012)

International Arbitration and Mediation Summit 2012 by CCH (a Wolters Kluwer business) Executive Events at Hyatt Regency Hong Kong (7-8 June 2012)

Championships and Awards in public speaking contests, Toastmasters International

Area of Practice

Civil and Criminal Litigation,

Dispute Resolution Training and Experiences (Arbitration)

Associate Member of CIArb (East Asia Branch)
CIArb Entry Course Examination in May 2009

Acted as a sole panelist in CN Domain Name Dispute Case no. DCN-1100447

Voluntary Service
As Mediator Mentor for HKU Team in practices prior to ICC Mediation Advocacy Contest held in Paris, France, in February 2010 and 2011

As Advocacy Course Mentor for CUHK PCLL Class, 2010 – 2011

As Trainer and Coach for CityU School of Law Team for the CityU-Columbia Law School International ADR Moot, 2011

Adjudicator of English Public Speaking Contests 2012 organized by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, Standard Chartered HK and ESUHK.

Area K1 Governor, Toastmasters International District 85 (2010-2011)

Chairman, Owner’s Committee, The Belcher’s, 89 Pokfulam Road (2008 – 2010)

13 August 2012

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